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How to Build an Audience on Social Media

By now you’re probably well-aware of why social media is important for your business. It’s been proven to increase brand awareness and enable user engagement. But now that you’re on social media, how do you actually build that audience and develop quality engagement? We have a few basic tips:

Define your target audience.
Every business has a target market, and you will notice the best results when you cater to them. Analyze your page insights on regular basis. Which topics ignite the most reactions? Understand who your audience is on each platform, and tailor your content to them.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.
Build relationships. What’s in it for your followers? You may serve as an educational tool, offer regular promotions, provide insight into your organization or simply dish out entertainment. Whatever it may be, show people why your page is worth their time and newsfeed space.

Use images and videos … a lot. 
A block of text can go unnoticed, but quality eye-catching images will not. Think about what’s going to stand out in a newsfeed. Use videos, infographics, images, coupons, etc. Check out free tools like Unslpash and Pexels to utilize free, modern stock photography, and easily customize with Canva. Or hire a professional who can provide you with custom videos, photos and graphics formatted with social media in mind.

If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.
Recognize the fine line between regular, quality content and spam. If you don’t have anything relevant or entertaining to say, don’t feel the need to post anything at all. If you find yourself desperate for content, then consider asking your fans pertinent questions; people love voicing their opinions, knowing they’ll be heard.

Offer regular incentives.
Your followers will want to stay updated with your page if you provide regular deals, promotions, contests and giveaways. Give them an incentive to engage with your page and share with their friends. It’s a great way to not only gain followers and engagement, but also to see who’s really interested in your business.

Keep your page updated and well-manicured.
Make sure you have profile and cover photos that best illustrate your organization, and keep them up-to-date. Don’t overflow your page with the same types of posts. Give a promotion here, share a link there, sprinkle in pictures from your office events, etc. Keep your page interactive and interesting.

Utilize Grassroots Marketing
Focus some of your marketing on small niche audiences in an unconventional, personal or intriguing way. There are many ways you can ask people to follow you on social media. This may include employing a street team, offering referral incentives, providing an educational class, inviting a select group to test out your product, etc.

Try paid social advertising. 
Because everyone is on social media these days, user engagement can be tough to grab. Paid social ads not only help you to build a custom following, but also to engage with your audience. Just make sure you have a good strategy in place.

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