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6 Reasons to Consider Google AdWords

By now, most people are aware of Google AdWords and the difference between paid and organic search listings. The question that remains is whether or not AdWords is right for you and your business at this time. Here are just a few reasons we recommend considering it:

  1. Quick Results
    Organic SEO can take some time. With AdWords, your name can appear at the top of the search engine instantly. This is especially helpful for startup businesses. Though organic SEO a necessity for your website, Google AdWords can give your name and services a quick boost to start driving in traffic and leads.
  2. You decide your monthly budget.
    AdWords is designed to work around your advertising wants and needs. You tell it how much or how little you’re willing to spend. AdWords will recommend when your campaigns are limited by their monthly budget, but beyond that pressure is not applied. Google doesn’t need you to continue increasing your budget like many other platforms do.
  3. It’s highly customizable, without added cost.
    From simple search ads to dynamic retargeting campaigns displaying your rotating inventory feed, you’re free to customize and build upon your ads as much as you’d like, without hidden or additional fees. Even within basic campaigns, you have the opportunity to easily customize and cover more real estate with “ad extensions” (i.e. your telephone number, address, links to additional pages on your website, calls-to-action and more).
  4. Google likes to help.
    Within the platform you can analyze various impression share metrics (i.e. how often your ad wasn’t shown due to budget, low Ad Rank, etc.) and use the ad preview tool to identify whether or not  your ads are showing and why. Additionally, AdWords will recommend keywords or budget adjustments to help with your campaigns and keep them up-to-date. You can take these or leave them – no pressure involved (unless there’s a mandatory update to the AdWords community as a whole).
  5. It’s transparent.
    Once you’ve created your ad campaigns, you get to watch them work on a daily basis and you’ll have the ability to figure out your ROI quickly. You can see how many people are seeing your ads, clicking them, placing phone calls and more. You’ll be able to see which search terms people are using to find your services, where they’re searching from and how long they stayed on your site after clicking your ad – all of which can lead to a better understanding of your customer base. Really the only thing AdWords hides is each user’s actual identity (no contact information), in order to protect the public.
  6. Your competitors are using it.
    Your customers are searching for your services on Google more than any other search engine out there. Even if your website is performing well organically, your competitors can still buy out your name and beat you to the top of the search page. If you have the ability in your marketing budget, this is a big reason we recommend considering AdWords.

If you just don’t have the time to put into it, or you’d like to know more, we’d love to help. Shoot us an email at [email protected] for more information.