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Tier Advertising Explained, as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

What is a “tier” in terms of automotive advertising? It’s a layered approach often consisting of 3 levels: national, regional and local.

According to Matt Muilenburg, Cobalt’s vice president of enterprise marketing solutions for the auto industry, all tiers needs to coordinate a consistent message. However, mixing the national factory brand with the message of the local dealer can be tricky. On one hand, not linking the messages effectively can lead to a loss in business for one dealer. On the other hand, having too close of a link might dilute the local brand which could then lead to a loss in business for yet another dealer.

When there are multiple locations of one brand within a single DMA (Designated Market Area), the local dealer will naturally want to separate itself from the competition.

So what does a tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 advertising look like? Check out these examples:

Tier 1 Automotive: Chevrolet National Ad

Tier 2 Automotive: Chevrolet Regional Ad

Tier 3 Automotive: Local Chevrolet Dealership Ad

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