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Why Sponsorship Advertising Works

Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen Coca-Cola pick up sponsorships for the Olympic Games, NASCAR, March Madness, BET Network, iTunes, AMC Theaters and many more. You may think this world-renown brand would have no need to sponsor so many different things – or perhaps they just have that much expendable dough! But Coca-Cola didn’t come this far without strategic advertising, and I’d be willing to bet they’re not interested in throwing money at the dirt.

Sponsorship advertising is a great way to improve your brand’s image, boost visibility and supplement to your marketing plan.

The idea behind sponsorships is to create associative imagery so that your target audience associates your brand with something they’ve invested interest in.

The key to forming a successful sponsorship is strategic research and messaging. Find whatever it is your audience is passionate about (and will provide enough reach), then use that sponsorship to improve their experience with you. Don’t start sponsoring everything willy-nilly. Rather, focus your attention on potential sponsorships that are associated with your target demographic—otherwise, you’ll run the risk of wasteful spending.

Finally, make sure your beliefs and principles line up with whatever (or whomever) you decide to sponsor. If you’d like more information or guidance on sponsorship advertising, we’d love to help.