Q – What is the difference between SEO and SEM, and how do they work?

A – SEO gains website traffic that is free, slow and durable. SEM gains website traffic that is paid, fast and temporary.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in essence free traffic. You can hire an SEO expert and his/her services come with a fee, but the traffic itself is free. SEO objectives include:

1. Make a website easy for search engines to read.
2. Make the site user-friendly to the end user.

The ultimate end goals are to increase your website’s organic search engine rankings & bring in the right traffic.

POSITIVE SEO may be obtained by developing a site that is search engine friendly (fast loading time, https secure, mobile friendly) and has tracking, links, good content and more.

NEGATIVE SEO is associated with an attempt to decrease a competitors site ranking including hacking, scraping and repurposing content, link farming, fake social media profiles, bad reviews and more.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on the other hand is PAID traffic, or advertising on the internet. One of the most common SEM campaign types is Google AdWords. “Ad Groups” are set up based on categories and each Ad Group has a set of ad units. Results more or less boil down to how well the ads are written. The cost is determined by ad clicks and phone calls placed from ads. If you are hiring an outside company, there will be a management fee on top of your ad budget.

There are numerous other variables and sub-topics regarding either SEO or SEM. If you are looking to find out which is best for your company, please do your research. Timeframes, budget and expectations are all considerations. If you would like more information or schedule a free review, email us at: info@mausmediagroup.com.